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Quick Tips to Improve Your Domain Authority

As a concept, domain authority (DA) was first introduced by Moz. This turned out to be an important metric that can quickly give away the vitality of your website. Every page is ranked on a scale between 0 and 100, and the higher the score, the better your website is. This metric is a quick check up of how your website ranks in SERPs or how much traffic it receives. Here are some quick (but important) tips on how to improve your domain authority!

1) Shareable Content

Updating your website regularly with new content is a must. However, we have mentioned many times before that is not all about the quantity of the content, but rather about the content quality. What you need to think about if you want to improve your domain authority is if your content is shareable. Focus on content which is, first of all, up to date and accurate. Depending on your target customers, adjust the writing style and spice it up with relevant pictures. And of course, catchy headlines are a must since they are what attract the visitor on the first place. By having shareable content on your website, you are one step closer to having people linking to or sharing your posts. This way you will be getting back links that will improve your domain authority.

2) Put Yourself Out There

If your website is fairly new, you might be very confused about how to get backlinks. Don’t panic! To improve your domain authority, you need to reach out to other websites that are similar to your and help one the other. Go on Google (of course), and look for websites that you can reach out to and contact them if they would like to link to some of your posts (and you can also return the favour!). Another quick fix to improve your domain authority is doing guest blogging. Look around and find websites that you can do guest blogging on. That way, you can place good content, promote your website and give yourself backlinks (most of the time for free).

3) Monitor Your Traffic

We already spoke about the reasons why you must have Google Analytics on your website. Seeing the data that will be collected can give you valuable information about the traffic. So if you see a sudden drop in traffic, then it is time to investigate! It doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong – it might mean that your competitors are trying to sabotage you. Check your backlinks, where they come from, or any that might be ruining your SEO, it is time to remove them and save yourself the trouble of having to bounce back.

  06/04/2018     1,191 Views

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